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What is Social Bookmarking

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twitter social bookmarking

1. Twitter

It’s one of the popular social bookmarking sites since all you have to do is to post your link and tweet. You can do retweets and let other people find it to do it themselves.

facebook social bookmarking

2. Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? It’s the best place to post anything you want attention. You can even create an ad and boost your post to reach more people.

pinterest social bookmarking

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine with a social twist. If you want people to find what you have to offer, pin it. You can create some eye-catching pins for a better effect.

4. StumbleUpon

It’s one of the biggest social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark something. You can also add more details, and it has a great toolbar to make it simple to use.

5. Dribble

It’s an excellent bookmarking site for designers. You can get more traffic for your website and find inspiration from this site at the same time. It’s the best way also to showcase your team.

6. Pocket

It’s an excellent social bookmarking site since you can save the website for later. It will be the best place to bookmark your site so people can get back to it when they already have time.

7. Digg

The social bookmarking function for Digg remains even if there are changes that already happened to it. It’s the best place to find new content which makes it suitable for your site.

8. Reddit

It’s one of the best places to promote your content since members also have an option to upvote or downvote your post. Still, your website can reach more people from this place.

9. Slashdot

It runs submitted news stories with appropriate links. You can provide links about Linux, devices, games, computer hardware, book reviews, etc. Check the submission guidelines from the site.

10. We Heart It

We Heart It is more specifically for images, GIF, and inspiration. It has 45 million users, so it’s recommended. You can find more potential customers or audience from this site.

11. Scoop

It’s a social bookmarking site that’s best for businesses, professionals, corporations, and non-profit organization. You can pin other uses post so that they gladly return the favor to do the same.

12. Tumblr

You can put just about anything on this site, so it’s another best place to share your content. Add photo, quotes, links, audio, video, or chat with other members and be social.

13. Bookmark4You

You can bookmark different links and share it from this site. So it means that it’s an excellent place to do some social bookmarking. It will provide more exposure for your business or content.

14. Delicious

It’s a social bookmarking site where you can store, share, and discover other web bookmarks. Perfect for online marketers who needs their links found and shared at the same time.

15. Newsvine

Its community powers Newsvine. It’s more of collaborative journalism, so it’s best for bloggers. You can share your seed links to share to other users so they can see your content.

16. Squidoo

Squidoo is also a useful tool when it comes to bookmarking. It allows you to save your bookmark and share it from other members. You can share the link fro your website here.

17. Diigo

Diigo allows you to save webpages like Pocket. You can also save images, files, links, and many more. It has a toolbar that will enable you to to make bookmarking easier and faster.

18. Friendfeed

Friendfeed is a real-time feed type of social bookmarking site so you can share your links without delay. You can also do RSS feeds so that you can have your content shared to users.

19. Plurk

You can share just about anything you like in Plurk. It’s an excellent place to showcase your business or website content since it allows the users to do so.

20. Blinklist

It’s similar to Delicious since it has the same features. You can use the quick bookmarking as well as sharing your like with other users which is a handy marketing tool.

21. Evernote

Evernote works more than just social bookmarking. You can make some notes or even write your blog right there and then. Plus you can share your content or business from the site.

22. DZone

Dzone is a place for developers and people with a techie website. You can share your content that has something to do with computers, gadgets, and anything about the technology.

23. CiteULike

CiteULike is for researchers as well as academic professionals that will allow you to save and share content. It’s the best social bookmarking site where you can find professionals like yourself.

24. Folkd

Save and share your links from Folkd to enhance your web browsing experience. You can also search directly form this site so you can share the websites that you want everybody to see.

25. Fark

Fark is a social networking site where you can share links from another website. You can share your contents with other members who like to learn more than reading the news.

26. PearlTrees

PearlTress has a different approach when it comes to social bookmarking. If you bookmark your site here, you can provide a modified experience for your prospective audience since it can be dragged.

27. Trendiee

If you like using Newsvine, then it’s similar to that social bookmarking site. It’s straightforward to use, and it will help you connect to people with trending news as well as sharing your link.

28. Blogmarks

Blogmarks is a social bookmarking site that you can use to discover new websites, sharing your links as well as managing your information on the web. Use tags to have your online presence.

29. Bibsonomy

It’s a premier social bookmarking site that caters for those who are into the academic and business type of people. You can also find a lot of highly relevant research-based materials here.

30. BizSugar

BizSugar is all about startups, marketing, and also other business contents. It will help you to build your website authority and also connect to those business-minded individuals around the site.

31. Instagram

Instagram is very well-known when it comes to photo and video sharing. You can share your website from this platform and reach more users around the world who may benefit from your post.

32. DesignFloat

It’s focused on web design, so it’s an excellent social bookmarking site for web designers around. Programmers can also benefit from this site. It’s a dedicated site for the design industry.

33. Killerstartups

Killerstartups is an excellent social bookmarking site where you can submit our startup for the millions of users to see. It’s a unique platform for entrepreneurs and business to do online marketing.

34. Soup.io

Soup is an excellent platform to share your content since it provides different categories for you to choose from. It’s best for businesses who need to have their products shared and other materials.

35. Wikio

Wikio is more of a search engine where businesses can share their websites and links to have their online presence noticed. You can also search for other business startups that can help your business.

36. Dotnetkicks

Dotnetkicks is similar to another social bookmarking site Digg. It’s a community-driven site where you can share your website so other members can learn more about your business or read your content.

37. Feedly

Feedly is a popular RSS blog reader where you can effectively share your content. It has more than 15 million users, and it’s an excellent platform to try since you can reach a lot of audiences.

38. Pinboard

Pinboard is a simple social bookmarking site, and it’s best for those who are into privacy and faster bookmarking. It allows you to use tags to make the content more organized.

39. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social bookmarking site that’s best for professionals to have their profile. You can share links of your website content as well for millions of users to check out.

40. Crazybacklink

It’s a free social bookmarking site where you can share your website link so that it can create a backlink for you. Crazybacklinks focuses on identifying user sites to build links.

41. Emolinks

Emolinks is another type of social bookmarking site that can help you with online marketing. You can create your content, publish it, and share your website for free, which makes it enjoyable.

42. SocialBookmarkNow

Unlike other social bookmarking sites, SocialBookmarkNow provides instant approval of your links or contents. It will be shared with the platform right away without the need to wait for it to appear.

43. Kirtsy

Kirtsy is a former content aggregator. But now, it allows users to submit and share slideshows that focus on art, designs, pins, products, photos, or projects. It will help you with online marketing.

44. Zypid

Zypid will allow you to save your bookmarks and share your links for your website as well. You can save your links so you can reach more potential customers for your business.

45. AixinDashi

AixinDahi is a social bookmarking site that will let you submit your articles for free. It’s the best platform for bloggers to increase traffic on their website without the need to visit more website.

46. Cloudytags

Cloudytags will help you to share your link to other social media sites automatically. It would help if you don’t did it manually anymore. You have to pay a $2 membership fee per month, but it’s worth it.

47. NewsMeBack

NewsMeBack is a type of social bookmarking site where you can share news for other members of the platform. You can share your website as well as long as it’s on the same theme.

48. Fwisp

Fwisp is a social bookmarking site that focuses on business, entrepreneurship, economy, and other financial related topics. You can share your business website and make sure that your information is safe.

49. LinkaGoGo

LinkaGoGo has been around since 2001. It means that you can make sure that you can have a lot of potential traffic when you share your website link to this platform.

50. TechDirt

TechDirt is one of the best social bookmarking sites for those who are into technology. It’s like an online news blog where you can share your content and reach

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