Why Choose Our Link-Building Service?

There are a lot of link-building services across the web, so why choose ours? There are more than a few reasons we feel we're one of the best guest posting services around, and we'll go over some of the most important ones below.

More Control Over Your Campaigns

First of all, we pride ourselves on allowing our users a great degree of control over their own campaigns - choose pre approved links; you can see the domain authority and site traffic before placing an order.

Automate Link-Building

Let's face it: manually building links is not the most entertaining thing ever. It can be incredibly time-consuming speaking to publishers, which is why, in the past, so many shady practices emerged to try and "trick the system.", in our experience, a few high-quality niche relevant guest posts are worth 100 low-quality links.

High-Quality Publishers

With us, you're not going to get links to sites that have been flagged by Google for shady practices - PBNs, we're looking at you - or even sites that get low amounts of traffic.

There's no point in adding a link to your backlink portfolio if it's just going to harm your performance, and that's why we only connect you with high-quality publishers.

These sites have quality content and are regarded by search engines as being authoritative in their respective niches.

Get Relevant Publishers to Your Niche

When building links, it's important that they're placed on sites relevant to your content. If you're selling, for example, cooking supplies, it wouldn't make much sense to have a backlink on a site about gardening, and in fact, it would hurt your performance. Google would eventually notice this and penalise your site as a result, as it's clear you're just building backlinks for the sake of building backlinks - over the years Google has really cracked down on this sort of thing as it aims to improve user experience. As such, Link Heads will suggest publishers who are relevant to your niche.

Magazine Quality Guest Posts

The sites we work with are high-quality and have high-quality postings. It wouldn't be great if an article written in poor English were to link back to your site, for multiple reasons - for example, if the post is difficult to understand, no one's going to share it, the site will be viewed as low-quality, and the backlink won't work for you. We will connect you with sites that make magazine-quality posts that surround your link with authenticity, posts that people want to read and share so that your links being included actually means something for your site's performance.

Great Track Record

We here at Link Heads bring years of experience to the table: we're not newbies and have plenty of satisfied customers to back up our claims! We've placed thousands of links in places where they work for the client, driving clicks and traffic to their pages.

Link-building is an incredibly important aspect of SEO – doing it right, however, can be a bit of a hassle. What do we mean by that? Well, it can be tough to get links placed on other sites and, even then, if the sites are of a low-quality, your link-building strategy will be pointless.

With so many minefields to avoid, it makes sense that link-building is dreaded by so many people. Not us, though!

One of the best ways to build links is by utilising a guest posting service such as our own and ensure that things are done correctly from the get-go.

guest posting agency

What’s a guest posting service, exactly?

What we do is send links to your website to relevant blogs and other pages, who will then work them into their content in a natural way.

This is a positive signal for search engines that increases domain authority, rankings and referral traffic, meaning you’ll rank higher in search results for relevant keywords and get more clicks.

As alluded to above, though, this only works if the sites linking to you are of a high-quality – so many guest posting services out there want to drown you in links that’ll give you mixed or outright poor results.

We here at Link Heads believe that every link should be working for you, though – otherwise, what’s the point?

We also offer pre-approved link-building services, which you can access through an interactive dashboard. You can see the links before you spend a penny, avoiding the strenuous process of manual link-building and giving you the space to focus on other aspects of your business. Link-building’s important, but what’s the use if you don’t have time to interact with customers or build your site?

Wrapping Up

Overall, we at Link Heads are all about providing the highest quality links possible for your link-building campaigns. We’ll suggest high-quality bloggers and website operators who want to work with you and whose guest posts will ensure more traffic is driven to your site.

If you’d like to get started on improving your website’s search engine rankings with quality backlinks, feel free to contact us today and get our professional SEO guest posting service working for you!